Arte Spettacolo Lazio: Roma Art Fair 2023 - 8th edition

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Il giorno 14/07/23 dalle 18:00:00 alle 20:00:00

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Via Angelo Poliziano 32-34-36

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Arte Spettacolo Lazio: Roma Art Fair 2023 - 8th edition
ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2023 is a contemporary art fair that presents collective and solo projects by leading and emerging international artists. The 8th edition will represent a forum for the direct exchange of ideas and contacts between collectors, artists, photographers, designers, and art professionals. The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, installations, video art and live performance. The exhibition analyzes the relationship between body and space, and the hybridization between identities and cultural/physical/social/urban settings in contemporary times, through two main sections: MIXING IDENTITIES and FUTURE LANDSCAPES. MIXING IDENTITIES analyzes the hidden parts of our identities, through an immersive experience inside the fascinating universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness. The human body is a changing system that connects us with other bodies and spaces to perceive the surrounding reality; a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression. FUTURE LANDSCAPES are abstract, infinite and conceptual, associated with a sense of freedom and infinite extension. Primarily experienced with the mind, spaces redefine their limits and borders, transforming surfaces in an open flow of pure ideas. This section focuses on the concept of the borders and the structures between body, mind and soul, the human identity and the city, the space and the ground. The concept of Mixing Identities captures the fluid and multifaceted nature of human existence: through various artistic mediums, the featured artists delve into the complexities of personal identity, questioning established boundaries, and inviting viewers to contemplate the intermingling of cultures, experiences, and perspectives. Chun Han is a talented photographer and creative director based in New York, who draws inspiration from her own experiences as an Asian woman navigating social dilemmas. Chun's powerful photography and video works delve into the complex relationship between human beings and their social environment: through her self-portraits and captivating images, Chun challenges traditional beauty standards. Her theatrical background infuses her works with contrasting colours and surreal elements, inviting viewers to contemplate abstract thoughts and engage in multiple interpretations. Ying Zhou, another visionary artist taking part in the exhibition, explores the boundaries of perception and illusions through her dark images: the viewer's attention is drawn to the interaction between the model and the unseen torchlight outside the frame. Zhou's work challenges the conventional notion of a portrait, encouraging viewers to question the essence of interaction and the unseen forces that shape our experiences. The exhibition also showcases the unique perspective of Rosita Fernandes, whose images reflect the authenticity of her experiences and her ability to convey emotions through her lens, evoking a sense of connection and appreciation for the world around us. Using the same medium, then digitally manipulated, Robert Falcone's photography explores the concept of finding beauty in the "nontraditional". His series, "Le Finestre di Burano," takes inspiration from the vibrant facades and decayed charm of the island of Burano in Venice. Falcone's artworks, enhanced with monoprint oil and gold leaf, transform windows and crumbling facades into mesmerizing visual narratives, inviting viewers to discover the allure within the unexpected. Bringing a unique perspective to the concept of mixing identities, Meagan Hofstetter, an abstract artist based in Texas, infuses her artwork with a harmonious blend of music and visual arts, creating captivating dreamscapes that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Through the fusion of art and music, Meagan crafts a multisensory journey that transcends traditional boundaries, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in her artistic vision, and, of course, mixing identities. On the other hand, the exhibition focuses on the concept of Future Landscapes: landscapes that serve as a canvas for artistic expression, enabling the fusion of human creativity with the beauty and wonders of the natural world. Among the artists involved, Romana Schmitt and Elif Çiftçioğlu. Romana, known for her captivating paintings, employs a variety of techniques, such as spatula effects and scratches. Her sources of inspiration extend beyond everyday life, encompassing nature's transformations and even the infinite universe, as well as the spiritual and supernatural realms. In the same vein, Elif brings a multidisciplinary approach to her exploration of future landscapes. Her artistic practice involves deepening the viewer's understanding, fostering connections between seemingly disparate elements, and approaching the world and abstract concepts from a postmodern perspective. Halfway between the two concepts, some of the artists involved in the exhibition give their contributions, drawing inspiration from the interplay of future landscapes and mixing identities. Among them are Romaine Kuonen and Hadi MohammadKhani. For them, colours on canvas come alive as living stories, embracing spontaneity and the unexpected. Their paintings are a result of pure emotional flow, reminiscent of the uninhibited creativity seen in the art of children. This approach yields artistic masterpieces that carry a sense of urgency and interiority, inviting contemplative reflections from all who encounter them. Creating an immersive experience, Tsukasa Nakahara sculptures are made in glass, through which he explores the themes of transmission, refraction, and reflection. By expertly balancing these elements, Tsukasa transforms glass into mesmerizing artworks that appear both solid and fluid, blurring the line between material and ethereal. Each artwork serves as a window to a different reality, evoking the sensation of gazing upon a fragment of the sea, alive with movement and light. Violaine Vieillefond channels her experiences into breathtaking paintings that reflect the dynamic nature of water. Her works are an exploration of water's symbolic, aesthetic, and emotional potentialities. Evoking a sense of constant transformation, her paintings invite viewers into a world of shifting forms, both organic and cartographic, instigating profound reflections on the essence of life itself. Through diverse mediums, the selected artists captivate audiences with their unique perspectives and creative visions. ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR - 8th edition, also claimed an important selection of video artists (see video-and-performance-program-rome- international-art-fair-8th). OPENING 
Medina Art Gallery Via Angelo Poliziano 32-34-36, Roma, Italy Via Merulana 220, Roma, Italy
July 14, 2023 | 06:00PM

Contatti | +39.3387574098 | +39 06 960 30 764 Orari: Dal lunedì al venerdì ore 10:00 - 13:00 e 15:00 - 19:00

Arte Spettacolo Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale

Arte Spettacolo Lazio: Roma Art Fair 2023 - 8th edition

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